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Property PurchaseOnce your offer on your chosen property is accepted by the vendor your mortgage lender will arrange for a valuation survey.  This survey is purely for the mortgage lender to determine if they are prepared to lend the amount applied for in relation to that particular property.  You may also decide to commission a detailed Home Buyers Survey. 

In addition, RDA strongly recommends that an Electrical Survey is carried out. This survey may identify work required in order to comply with regulations.  Should this be the case we would be able to renegotiate the agreed price to cover the additional costs.

RDA will guide and advise you all the way through your buy-to-let purchase in order to make the process as smooth as possible. We can liaise with the estate agent and your solicitor and follow up any matters arising on your behalf.

Should any refurbishment be required we will, where possible, negotiate with the solicitors for the work to be undertaken between 'Exchange' and 'Completion'.