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Property Refurbishment The majority of properties require some refurbishment to make them attractive to prospective tenants in order to achieve the maximum rent in a competitive market.  When a refurbishment is planned, RDA arranges for the contractors to undertake the work at the earliest opportunity to enable the property to be rented as soon as possible.

RDA organises and supervises all aspects of the refurbishment - with our well established team of reliable, competitive contractors and suppliers, our investors are assured of the highest standards at all times.

RDA always invests time in negotiating the most competitive prices from contractors and suppliers and the discounts achieved are passed on to clients in their entirety.  We charge a nominal 10% supervision fee for property refurbishments.  This fee is for the project management of the refurbishment, liaising with contractors and suppliers and on site monitoring in order to achieve a first class result, completed on time to ensure rental at the earliest opportunity. 

The cost of our recommended up date is shown in our Financial Forecast.