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Since the Stone Age man has always needed somewhere to shelter. Come rain or shine a roof over the head has always been a priority. People need somewhere to live whatever the economic conditions.

Have you taken a look at the UK population forecast recently? 61 million with predicted growth at half a million each year. The increasing UK population increases the demand for accommodation and with more people than ever before living by themselves the demand for private rental accommodation is growing each year.

Historically the value of property has risen more than the value of stocks and shares.

Hove LawnsCase 1: Your Woolworth's shares are worth nothing - you lose everything.

Case 2: Your blue chip company shares drop dramatically - the Government loans the banks funds - your dividend is stopped.

Case 3: Your bank goes broke - only your first £85,000 pounds is guaranteed.

Case 4: The value of your property reduces - the mortgage rate drops and your rental incomes remains stable but in time the value of your property rises once again as does your rental income.

The value of your property will rise and fall and rise again if it is well maintained. You will see real growth over a period of years and the rental goes a very long way in paying off the mortgage.

Just imagine putting £100,000 in a bank at 1% interest - if you are lucky. That same £100,000 will buy you a studio flat with a rental income of 6%.

In the longer term the value of the studio flat will increase - whereas the £100,000 in the bank is worth less and less as inflation eats away at it.

Today's attractive property prices certainly do represent exceptionally good value with a very favourable balance between risk and reward for the astute long term investor. Now is the time to be investing in residential property.